About Mrs. Trautman

As we kick off the 2022-2023 school year we want to thank each of you for allowing us to partner with teachers and families to guide your students learning.

 High quality education, connections with families, culture for respect and fun, as well as safety of students and staff is of highest importance to us. These values weave through every choice and action we make guiding Barnes Butte to becoming even a stronger educational learning environment.   

BBE teachers are continuing to develop on becoming experts on small group intervention processes. We work diligently to tailor instruction to meet students’ specific needs.

Barnes Butte is a place where safety, stability, fun, laughter, empowering students, and continual learning is at the core of everything we do. We will continue to focus on:

  1. Show up – Enrollment and attendance
  2. Faces – Every data point is a student with a name and faces
  3. Secure and Healthy Learners – Wellness, mental health, school level support
  4. Outstanding Learning for All – Powerful, focused initiative implementation for high impact
  5. Voices – What can we learn from students to make our schools great?

Thank you for your continued trust. Our door is always open and we welcome feedback and input. We have scheduled in many more family events on the calendar and we hope you can make it to our evening events.  Having families enjoy our school culture and environment in a personal way creates stronger home-to-school connections.  Here is to another great chapter together as a team,


Principals Taylor Trautman & Becky Brauer



Barnes Butte Elementary

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