a day of music The Barnes Butte Elementary Honor Choir was represented at the Central Oregon Kids’ Choir Festival on Saturday, March 16th at Bend High School. Twenty-eight BBE students participated in a day of music that they’ve been preparing for since January. The Choir was made up of over 200 students from seven Central Oregon elementary schools. Working with their music teachers, they each learned their music and then spent Saturday rehearsing with the choir’s guest director, Kimberly Skondin. She teaches music at Hazeldale Elementary in Beaverton. The students also attended a reptile workshop, befitting the theme of this year’s, concert, “Animalia!”

                KIDS CHOIR FESTIVAL 2019 LYRICS

Words to the Songs Vocals
Animalia (pdf)  Animalia Part 2
Dance with the Elephants (pdf) Dance With The Elephants 
Monkeys in the House (pdf)
The Crocodile (pdf)   The Crocodile Part 2
The Jungle Book (pdf)
Two Tigers (pdf) Two Tigers – Parts Together (1) Two Tigers – Part 2