About Barnes Butte Elementary

The School Board voted to name the new elementary school Monday night at the School Board meeting held in Paulina. 

The Design Committee, working with input from the community, had recommended three names for the school: Barnes Butte Elementary, Golden Pine Elementary and Highland Rim Elementary.  Each option included a recommended mascot and corresponding school colors. 

The School Board selected the name Barnes Butte Elementary, with the mascot of Badgers and school colors of black and silver. The school will be approximately 73,000 square feet and will incorporate a pod configuration of classrooms which are a grouping of classrooms that surround a central “community” room pod.  The idea is to make a 700 student school seem more inviting and family oriented for the students and staff.  The seven pods in the school will be named after geological sites, creeks and rivers in Crook County.  The upstairs pods will be named Summit Prairie, Grizzly Mountain and Lookout Mountain while the downstairs pods will be called Crooked River, Ochoco Creek, McKay Creek and Beaver Creek.  The school will also include a library with computer room, a music room and a full-size gym with a court surface.

Barnes Butte Elementary

1875 NE Ironhorse Drive

Prineville, Oregon | 97754

P (541) 416-4150

F (541) 416-4151